Welcome to the Maxime Lê Health Policy website!

What is this?

The Maxime Lê Health Policy website is a health and policy education website that aims to make health policy as accessible and as comprehensive as possible.

You can find information on a variety of public (most often health) policies that are affecting or will affect real people every day. You can explore the pages to learn the science behind policies, and you can develop a better understanding of the reason that these policies exist as well as the impacts and benefits that follow their implementation.

There are many things to consider when crafting policies.

For one, there are government standards and regulations that policies must uphold. And when we draft policies, they are often inspired from others around the world that are proven to work. We can also be original – but we cannot be careless.

Something can work well in theory but go wrong in practice, so it is imperative that when we write policies that affect the outcomes of real lives, caution and discipline are exercised.

But we don’t make policies just because. We still need a valid reason and proper evidence for policies to exist and become implemented. Here are a few examples:

  • The reason you find no-smoking spots is because cigarette smoke can cause lung disease even if inhaled second hand. This preserves the air quality, and our lungs.
  • The legal age to drink, and the limit at which one can drive under the influence are all health policies used to protect public health and promote road safety.
  • The communications and posthumous grievance strategy for an organization when diffusing traumatic news to its members can ensure that proper mental health counselling is offered and sought.

As a matter of perspective, every public policy is almost always linked to health. Whether it’s an organization’s environment policy, or a policy that boosts money to subsidized housing, they all touch upon the 12 determinants of health.

What now?

Feel free to explore the rest of the website. If you go to the policy information hub you will find a centralized location with a list of policies. You can then click on the quick links that will direct you to the policy you want to learn about.

Or, you can get access to the policy information database, which is an assortment of posts that provide well-researched and well-cited information on the policies found in the policy information hub. They appear in a reverse chronological order, so you may have to do some digging to find the ones you want to learn about.